What does Checkable currently treat?

We currently treat urinary tract infections and symptoms related to yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

How much is a telehealth visit?

All of our telehealth visits are a straight fee of $49.

Do you take insurance for telehealth visits?

At this time, we do NOT take insurance for our telehealth visits. We plan to add this feature within the next year to accommodate all patients.

Is HSA/FSA accepted for Virtual Care Visits?

Yes, HSA/FSA is accepted.

How are your telehealth visits performed?

Our telehealth services are all currently asynchronous visits. This means that you will be answering a series of questions instead of seeing a doctor via video or phone. It’s that easy!

Do I need to set up an appointment?

No. We offer asynchronous visits which is an instant questionnaire you fill out regarding your condition.

What type of prescriptions do you prescribe?

Our medical professionals prescribe medications like antibiotics and potentially some over-the-counter products.

Do you treat children and adults?

Yes, we can treat both adults and children.

Who are the medical professionals used for Checkable telehealth visits?

Checkable works with OpenLoop Health in order to provide the best service possible. OpenLoop Health utilizes nurse practitioners on staff in order to deliver medical services. All of these medical professionals are licensed to serve in all 50 states.