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With Checkable, you can run routine medical tests at home, no doctor’s appointment needed. Get accurate results and physician-approved treatment at home, fast.

Isn’t that how healthcare should be?

UTI, Vaginal pH, Breast Milk Tests and More

Discover the quality, convenience and peace of mind of at-home testing with a variety of clinically tested and physician approved screening kits.

The Checkable App: Telehealth Services

Checkable at-home tests come with a whole support system!

The Checkable App connects you with telehealth providers to help with your diagnosis and treatment.

They can walk you through your test in real time, advise on your health goals, explain our products and services and write a prescription as needed.


Healthcare by Moms for Moms

With three kids at home, Patty Post believed there had to be a better way of managing her family’s healthcare. She wanted to help families like hers save time and money with innovative at-home testing kits. So she founded Checkable, a company like no other.

Meet Patty


Accurately diagnose and seek treatment for common health issues using our home test kits.


Connect with our telehealth professionals on a personalized treatment plan via the Checkable App.


Curated health content, lifestyle tips and wellness advice from healthcare experts.












What our customers are saying

I've only been taking these a short time but so far I'm happy with this new discovery...I tried drinking the liquid mixed with another drink & couldn't tolerate it so these chewable gummies are great 👍 😊


I never knew that there was such thing as a Breast Milk Nutrition Screening Strips! The results were fast! I posted a picture of the strip looks like before and after i dipped it in the milk. With this strips, I will be able to know what I am lacking on; and what to add in my daily diet to provide the nutrients that baby needs.


I can get away with taking just 1 capsule for prevention, but the moment there is even a hint of a possible UTI I take the recommended serving size of 2 capsules. This D-Mannose really helps nip it in the bud and is a great preventive supplement.


These strips can save you time and money by testing at home versus having to make a doctor appointment (and paying hundreds of dollars!) You can also connect to the app, for medical guidance.


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Checkable wants you to be healthy year-round! Our supplements are made with effective ingredients to help nourish your body and support optimal health.