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Your Healthcare Begins at Home.™

Checkable is revolutionizing what it means to take health into your own hands with easy-to-administer diagnostic tests, accurate results, and an app connecting you with telehealth providers. You can get treated, diagnosed, and get the prescription you need to get on the road back to health in a matter of minutes.

Connect Instantly with Telehealth

Seek medical treatment without the hassle of costly and time-consuming trips to urgent care or your doctor’s office. Whether you completed a diagnostic screening kit with a positive result, or you have another health concern, you can connect with our proprietary tele-health provider to seek treatment for a variety of concerns, such as:

Pink Eye & Stye

Seek treatment for symptoms of pink eye or styes.

Urinary Tract Infection

Treat following a positive UTI diagnostic test result.

Vaginal pH

Follow up for next steps after an abnormal vaginal pH result.

Nausea & Vomiting

Seek treatment for nausea and vomiting symptoms.

Cold Sores

Explore treatment options for cold sores.

Sinus Infections

Follow up for symptoms that may indicate a sinus infection.


Discuss treatment options for possible allergies.

Strep A - Coming Soon!

Follow up after a positive Strep A diagnostic result.

In-App Healthcare Made Simple

01 | Follow along with test instructions

01 | Follow along with test instructions

When you’re ready to take a diagnostic screening test from Checkable, reach for the Checkable app. The app will walk you through instructions from prep through to analyzing your results in a simple, easy-to-use format. Use the app to follow instructions for all diagnostic and screening kits, including UTI, VpH, breast milk alcohol and breast milk nutrients.

02 | Add a family member

Within one Checkable app account, you can add all your family members to manage their health. Before beginning a diagnostic or screening test, select which family member the test is for to keep their health and medication data together. Track tests, medications, and other health goals through the Checkable app, organized by family member, to keep your family’s health information in one easy-to-access platform.

02 | Add a family member
03 | Receive and save your results

03 | Receive and save your results

Once you’ve completed your screening test, the Checkable app will help determine the results and direct you to next steps. Plus, you can save your diagnostic results to your profile, or another family member’s profile, for future reference.

04 | Connect with a Telehealth provider

Did your test come back positive? Connect with Telehealth services to get on your way back to health quickly. Connect with Telehealth through the Checkable app for a variety of health concerns from UTI and vaginal pH concerns to pink eye, sinus infection, allergies and more.

04 | Connect with a Telehealth provider
05 | Create health goals to track medications

05 | Create health goals to track medications

If prescribed a medication treat a health condition, create a health goal in the app to help manage your medication and send reminders for each dose. You can create individual health goals for any medication and supplement needs for each family member — all accessible through the Checkable app.

Checkable diagnostic and screening test kits and our companion app save your family time and money in your pursuit of efficient and effective medical treatment. Follow along with instructions, connect quickly with Telehealth, and manage treatments with health goals all through one easy-to-use app.