Breast Milk Alcohol Screening Kit

Can I drink alcohol while breastfeeding?

Every mom will have to decide what she feels comfortable with. According to the CDC's guidelines, drinking an occasional alcoholic beverage while breastfeeding is acceptable; however, consuming more than one drink per day is not recommended.

What level of alcohol is considered "safe" for breastfeeding?

Checkable's breast milk alcohol test strips are formulated to detect blood alcohol levels of .02% and higher.

How long should I wait to use the strips after I drink alcohol?

Breast milk alcohol levels closely parallel blood alcohol levels. The highest alcohol level in milk occurs 30 to 60 minutes after an alcoholic beverage, but food delays the peak time for milk alcohol levels. Alcohol elimination from breast milk depends largely upon maternal weight and the amount of alcohol consumed. But the general rule of thumb is to wait 2 hours after the last drink before breastfeeding or pumping.

What are the top benefits of using breast milk alcohol test strips?

Aside from peace of mind, mothers will want to use the test strips to detect the presence of alcohol in breast milk. The tests are fast, accurate, and easy to read in minutes.