How to Get the Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar on the Go!

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I am typically not a trend follower, but over a year ago, when there was so much hype around the health claims on the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar, my curiosity kicked in, and I jumped on the bandwagon to give them a try. But, ugh, that stuff is STRONG, tart, and makes your lips pucker after you take a sip, even if it is well mixed with something else. So, I fell off the apple cider vinegar wagon. 


However, as I get older, my focus continues to be on living a life that prioritizes wellness from the inside out, which partly contributes to my determination to seek another solution that includes apple cider vinegar, but tastes better - enter in apple cider vinegar gummies! Gummy vitamins are like candy for adults. You don’t have to feel guilty eating them (although you shouldn’t take more than the recommended dose), and they taste delicious. The taste alone is enough to motivate me to keep taking them, but what's even better is that apple cider vinegar gummies are actually good for you and have proven effective.


Just two Apple Cider Vinegar gummies are equal to one shot of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, and studies have found they provide the same great benefits and results as liquid apple cider vinegar with not only a better taste but they are easier to take when traveling, chasing kids, and carrying a full work schedule. Some studies even note that drinking apple cider vinegar may harm tooth enamel, the esophagus, and the insides of our bodies. After all, it is an acid. ACV gummies don't have the harsh side effects as the liquid form.


When taking apple cider vinegar gummies daily, I have noticed an improvement in my digestive system and overall complexion. In addition, my body feels less bloated, and my energy remains consistent throughout the day. Before starting my apple cider vinegar gummies kick, my energy would crash around 2 pm, and I’d crave a caffeine fix. 



What is Apple Cider Vinegar?


Apple Cider Vinegar is a juice made from crushed, fermented apples. Crushed apples are exposed to yeast which eats the sugars and turns them into alcohol, more yeast is added, and the yeast eats the alcohol and turns it into acetic acid, the main active ingredient. 


Fun fact: According to research in the National Library of Medicine, it’s believed that vinegar was discovered accidentally due to letting the wine sit out for too long, which is where it gets its name from vin aigre (french for “sour wine”).


With all of this said, if taking apple cider vinegar in its liquid form is your jam, go for it! However, I have noticed that by replacing a shot of it daily with apple cider vinegar gummies, I am more mindful of ingesting it safely and don't have to suffer through the harsh side effects of liquid vinegar. Taking apple cider vinegar gummies is good for you and just as effective!


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