Get the Skinny on How At-Home UTI Test Strips Work

Let's face it; every woman has probably had a UTI (urinary tract infection) at some point. Some more than others. Not only can it disrupt your entire workday, but it is painful and uncomfortable, and nobody has time for that! Trying to get a doctor's appointment can be tricky, and if it's not even a UTI, you've wasted valuable time and money.


Sometimes a yeast infection could be the culprit, which can be remedied with OTC creams. But what if you can find out yourself if you're even battling a UTI before you make that appointment? You're in luck. At-home UTI test strips have hit the shelves and can give you results in two minutes.


Start With A UTI Symptom Check

If you are experiencing some pain or pressure down there, and think it could be a UTI, here are some commonly reported symptoms to look out for:

  • A burning sensation when you urinate
  • A strong urge to urinate often, yet only pass a small amount each time
  • Urine looks cloudy or may contain blood
  • Urine has a strong odor
  • Lower back or lower abdomen pain
  • Pressure in the lower abdomen 
  • Chills, nausea, and/or vomiting

If you have any of these symptoms, there is a good chance you have a UTI. If left untreated, complications can cause more severe conditions, including bladder or kidney infections. The next step, take an at-home UTI test.

Try An At-Home UTI Test

At-home tests are a fast and easy way to know if you have a UTI before seeing your doctor. They are especially helpful if you get recurring UTIs. Commonly referred to as "dipstick" tests, these take just minutes to get results. They work similarly to a pregnancy test, involving peeing in a cup or directly on a test strip. Kits come with testing strips (like litmus paper) that you wet by holding them in your urine stream for a few seconds, or you can collect urine in a clean cup that you can dip the strip into. After 1 to 2 minutes, the color of the test strip will change. The kit will come with a chart that will tell you what your colors mean and if it is positive for a UTI.


How It Works

The test itself is like something we all did in science class. Once dipped in urine, the strips change color. They commonly look for two things:

  1. Nitrite: a chemical compound found in many bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. The presence of nitrite in your urine is a good sign that you have an infection.
  2. Leukocyte: These white blood cells fight infections caused by viruses and bacteria. They are not typically present in urine. If white blood cells are detected in your urine, it could be a UTI.

It is advised to wash your hands before taking the test not to contaminate the results. If the test comes back positive, you can call your doctor or sync with our telehealth app for fast treatment. If it is negative, it could be other vaginal issues, including yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis. Check your symptoms for those! Try Checkable Urinary Tract Balance Supplements to help battle the discomfort or rid yourself of recurring UTIs.