EP 53: A Tribute To Paul Ehlen: Soaring Beyond Family And Business


#53: We lost one of the good guys. In this episode, Patty pays tribute to a loved one, mentor and friend, Paul Ehlen. The founder of the Minnesota-based medical products company Precision Lens passed away when a vintage plane crashed shortly after takeoff at an airport in Montana. As charismatic as he was philanthropic, Paul was an early investor of the Checkable dream. His devotion to family, flying and entrepreneurship uplifted the Checkable vision and made accessible at-home testing a reality. Suffice to say, Patty and her team would not be changing the face of diagnostic health care if it wasn’t for his unwavering support and leadership. He did it all without expecting anything in return. Together we mourn. Together we honor. Together we persevere in his memory.

Paul Ehlen sitting in vintage jet

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