The Lactation Expert Jenn Boulay Part Two

If you’re not producing enough breast milk, what’s to blame? In part two of this interview, Patty and Jenn talk about how moms can help increase their breast milk supply. Hint… snacking is important, and so is avoiding aggressive amounts of exercise. The ladies also talk about breast engorgement and how you can use a cold compress to relieve that discomfort.
Listen to the end for Jenn’s top tips for breastfeeding moms.
Jenn Boulay is known as The Lactation Expert on social media. She’s a Certified Maternal Newborn Nurse teaching new mothers all of the things they need to know after giving birth. She even created an app called Latch’d that helps new moms prepare for breastfeeding.
Listen to episode 43 to hear part one of this interview.
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