EP19 Part 1: Men's Health Needs and How to Support The Wellbeing of Men in Our Lives

Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt is a urologist and robotic surgeon who is an outspoken advocate for men’s health and wellness. He currently works as the Director of the Personalized Urology & Robotics Clinic at Orlando Health and is a board member of the Florida Urological Society. Dr. Brahmbhatt wants to change the way men value their own health by making an impact on social norms and ideas that influence our perceptions of our health.

In this two-part series with Dr. Brahmbhatt, we cover various topics, such as infertility in men, why it’s so important to encourage men to go in for a doctor’s visit, and steroid use in teenagers. Stay tuned for the second half of this series for more information on men’s health with Dr. Brahmbhatt!

Key Takeaways

  • Male infertility, what causes it, and what you can do
  • Myths of urology and urologists
  • The importance of engaging men with the healthcare system and tactics to do it
  • Steroid use in teenagers and what to look for

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