How I’ve Leveled Up My Life in 2023

How do you get yourself on track, break bad habits, stop making excuses, stop self rationalizing your behavior.


This is something that host Patty Post has mastered. And she believes that anyone can be good at it.


In this episode of UPersevere, Patty explains that if you talk negatively to yourself and say "I could never...." then you're going to believe that story and never accomplish the goal. We’ve got to change our mindset first so that we’re telling ourselves we CAN rather than we can’t. And we must remember that when making big changes we have to commit for long periods of time and not quit if we don’t see substantial results in a few weeks.


So far in 2023, Patty has worked with a physician that specializes in hormones, prioritized working out while traveling for work (not just when she's home), and has hired a fitness trainer.


Take 20 minutes for yourself and listen to this episode to give you some specific actionable ideas on how you, too, can level up your life.


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