EP52 Vacationing Without Alcohol

Could you imagine a vacation without alcohol? In our society, vacationing and alcohol have become synonymous, so if you are a drinker, the thought of going on vacation and not drinking may feel foreign.


This was Patty’s experience on her first vacation without alcohol. It felt odd and a little depressing. However, fast forward to now, and Patty couldn’t be happier with her decision as she gears up for her trip to Costa Rica with her husband, Andrew.


In this episode, you will hear how Patty started her journey vacationing without alcohol and how it’s going now, what she has learned from not drinking on vacation, the new experiences she plans to have on her vacation in Costa Rica, and how you can benefit from doing the same.

Removing alcohol from the equation has helped Patty connect not only with herself but with her husband through enriching experiences that she may not have had if she had been drinking.

The space created from vacationing without alcohol has brought in so much more life, and she wants to share this with all of you! Tune in for this and more!


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • What Patty’s first vacation without alcohol was like
  • How Patty feels about alcohol a year after that vacation
  • Jay Shetty’s four E’s for the most enriching marriage
  • Enriching experiences Patty and her husband have planned
  • What Patty has gained from vacationing without alcohol
  • The wedge that alcohol creates between connection


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