EP51 Dr. Brown Talks About His Journey Into Plastic Surgery


What makes a successful entrepreneur? Today’s guest is Dr. Richard Brown, and he’s sharing the core values and skills that helped him achieve his dream of becoming a surgeon.


Dr. Brown is a double board-certified surgeon, author, and owner of Brown Plastic Surgery Clinic, but his journey to becoming a doctor was not easy. In this episode, you’ll hear how he persevered through obstacles and self-doubt to create the life he wanted.


Host Patty Post and Dr. Brown also speak about their life-changing experiences with the 75 Hard program, the role of spouses in an entrepreneur’s life, and more. If you’re struggling to push through barriers like imposter syndrome or lack of motivation, listen in to this conversation to be inspired!


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Views on TikTok/social media
  • Dr. Brown’s unconventional path to becoming a doctor
  • Making a commitment to plastic surgery
  • Dr. Brown’s supportive relationship with his wife
  • How Dr. Brown deals with controversy
  • What you can learn from his book, The Real Beauty Bible
  • Patty’s hopes for a future book
  • Aligning business decisions with core values
  • Benefits you can reap from the 75 Hard program
  • The importance of empathy and embracing individuality


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