EP50 Making Healthy, Ready To Eat Meals Accessible For Everyone


Most of us want to eat well, but there’s a misconception that healthy food is boring, lacks flavor, and requires maximum effort. Today’s guest has solved this problem with their ready-to-eat meal prep company, Power Plate Meals.


Haylee Houkom and her husband founded their brand in 2016 with the mission to provide their community with healthy, protein-packed, convenient meal options. Their passion for health and food is at the core of the business and is reflected in their high standards and use of quality ingredients.


In this episode, Patty Post of Checkable is speaking to her about their journey from conception to multiple retail locations and now expansion into wholesale markets. Haylee shares some of their challenges, why customers love their meals, and more.


Tune in to hear how Power Plate Meals has persevered through challenges in the market and what they’re doing to grow and reach their goals!


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • The mission of Power Plate Meals
  • Starting the business and expanding into retail locations
  • How they’re focusing on growth and their future goals
  • Haylee’s personal brand and how it’s affected business
  • How they persevered through COVID-19 challenges
  • Partnering with businesses


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