EP49 Running a Business as Your Authentic and Unapologetic Self


Have you ever scrolled through social media and discovered a creator so authentic and fun that you immediately felt a connection to them? Patty Post of Checkable Health found today’s guest, Britney Crosson, on Instagram and fell in love with her online presence as a business owner. Her company, a social media and podcasting agency aptly titled Fun Love Media, was launched in 2019 and exemplified her principles to inspire and work smarter, not harder.

Britney uses social media to grow her personal brand and has awesome tips to help you do the same. She’s proving that serious content isn’t necessary to make a serious impact and that being yourself will lead to success. This is the episode for you if you want to learn how to start your social media journey and build your personal brand!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Turning her love of social media into a business
  • Britney’s content recommendations for your personal brand
  • Her drive for authenticity and self-expression
  • Advice to build your social media presence
  • Utilizing hashtags to target your audience
  • Why you should be repurposing content
  • Services offered by Britney’s company, Fun Love Media
  • How Britney balances career and motherhood
  • Our mutual love for Peloton
  • The Small Biz Social Society retreat


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Listen to Britney’s podcast, The Social Sunshine Podcast, for more tips on marketing, social media, and more!

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