EP48 How to Raise Capital as a Solo Entrepreneur


Our fearless leader, Patty Post, is the Founder and CEO of Checkable Health, a revolutionary company developing the first FDA-approved at-home strep test. On this episode of The Persevere Podcast, Patty shares how she raised almost $10 million for Checkable Health in less than four years. Although she admits that the process has been overwhelming, Patty talks about how she began fundraising to raise capital as a solo entrepreneur by focusing on the details and getting the business model down to a science to get the opportunity to grow Checkable.


From wellness supplements and educational resources to at-home diagnostics and a telehealth app, Checkable was born. Patty had to rely on the expertise of others to guide her through the hard journey ahead, and now she wants to share her knowledge with you!


Tune in and take notes on the resources that helped her prepare for investor meetings, successful pitches, developing an elevator speech, and everything else that went into starting Checkable. This is a quick listen, but it's packed with information every solo entrepreneur should know! 


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