EP40 The Importance of Diagnosing Strep

Strep throat is one of the most common bacterial infections affecting children. While streptococcus infection generally goes away and is treatable, undiagnosed strep throat in children can lead to serious complications.


On this edition of Checkable's podcast, Julie of Checkable welcomes guest Kendra Kudrna to discuss the importance of diagnosing strep, something Julie knows all too well.


Kendra's eldest son exhibited symptoms of strep throat, but when most of them improved, doctors didn't think a strep test was needed. Kendra shares her frightening experience when her son developed late-stage symptoms, spreading strep to the rest of her family. Kendra and her family's story highlights parents' struggle to treat their children safely at home but mostly to always trust their gut instinct when they think more care is needed. 


Listen to this insightful conversation to learn why a strep test is necessary even when symptoms improve and how Checkable Health's at-home strep test can help every family! A five-minute test can save lives.


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • The Kudrna family's history of strep
  • What happened when her first child showed symptoms of strep
  • How doctors treated the Kudrna's
  • How an at-home strep test could have helped the Kudrna's
  • Balancing at-home care and parental instinct


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