EP38 The Positive Impact of Female Plastic Surgeons


The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that 92% of all cosmetic procedures are performed on women, but women themselves are still facing a lot of barriers to entering the workforce once they finish their medical education.


Patty Post of Checkable Health is welcoming guest Dr. Jennifer Levine on the show today to continue this series on plastic surgery and aesthetics. She’s a double board-certified plastic surgeon and owner of her own practice and surgery center in Manhattan.


Dr. Levine pushed through the glass ceiling and proves that women can have a family and a successful career, even in the demanding world of medicine. In this episode, she shares how she balances work and family, the most popular procedures at her clinic, and which ones she recommends to combat aging.

To learn how surgeons like Dr. Levine are breaking stereotypes and empowering women, tune in now!


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Dr. Levine’s training led her to plastic surgery
  • Barriers women face in the medical field
  • Balancing career and motherhood
  • Procedures offered at Dr. Levine’s clinic
  • The full face analysis process and making a plan
  • Dr. Levine’s recommendations to reduce signs of aging

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