EP37 The Importance of Having a Family Pediatrician


According to today's guest, "the caregiver's impression of their child can account for up to 50% of the diagnosis you're making." To ensure optimal treatment for your kiddos, having a physician 100% focused on children's health helps to develop mutual trust between the doctor and the patient and the doctor and the parent so that they value each other's opinions.


On this episode of Checkable Health's podcast, host Patty Post speaks with Jacksonville pediatrician Dr. Kevin Kasych to shed light on the importance of having a family pediatrician. From having a relationship of trust and comfortability to considering a family's history, Dr. Kasych shares the many benefits pediatricians offer over other physicians.


Dr. Kasych also addresses one of the most common complaints among children; a sore throat. He discusses common causes of a sore throat in children, shares when to seek medical care, clarifies the difference between strep and viral infections, and explains why antibiotics aren't always the best treatment.


Tune in now for a quick yet informative episode every parent should listen to. 


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Why pediatricians are beneficial for children and parents
  • What makes pediatrics rewarding for Dr. Kevin Kasych
  • Common causes of sore throats in children
  • How to address a sore throat
  • When to seek medical care for a sore throat
  • The value of parent’s intuition
  • Strep vs. viral infection
  • The overutilization of antibiotics
  • The importance of strep testing


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