EP36 Improving Birth and Postpartum Experiences With the Help of a Doula


During pregnancy and labor, physicians help keep mom and baby physically healthy but often don't provide the emotional support women need pre and post-birth. That's where doulas come in. Doulas can be that extra support moms need, filling the gap to provide both parents with emotional, physical, and postpartum support.

Join us on this episode of the Checkable Health Podcast as we welcome Amanda Pieters, the Avocado Doula, who speaks about her career as a Fargo-based doula and birthing partner. Amanda explains the differences between doulas and midwives, the role of a doula, and how they advise parents before, during, and after birth.

Amanda talks about home and water births and addresses any safety concerns of having a non-traditional birthing experience to understand the processes better and see if it may be right for you. Amanda also spills all of her tips and recommendations for a positive birthing experience.

Tune in to learn more about how doulas offer emotional and physical support for moms throughout the entire pregnancy and birthing experience, so you can take care of your baby and take care of yourself!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Amanda’s passion for her career
  • The role of a doula
  • Support Amanda provides as a doula
  • Insurance coverage for maternal health
  • Home births, water births, and birthing centers
  • The benefits of having a doula
  • How to prepare moms for breastfeeding
  • Having a good postpartum experience
  • Recommendations for breastfeeding moms

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