EP 9: Changing Healthcare: Curebase's Innovation in Clinical Trials


In episode 9, Patty Post chats with Tom Lemberg, the CEO of Curebase, a leading software platform for decentralized clinical trials. Tom’s platform takes medical research out of the traditional academic setting and brings it to patients everywhere so that they can participate at home and with their own doctors. The model dramatically accelerates the pace of research while expanding diversity and increasing equal access to ground-breaking medicines. The platform guides patients through the entire clinical trial and reinvents clinical trial software for a model that puts patients first and uses real-world health data, much like what Checkable Medical is doing by creating a company that allows patients to get care from wherever they live and eliminates unnecessary roadblocks in getting the right care at the right time.

Key takeaways from the podcast:


  • How Curebase is changing the game of healthcare and clinical trials
  • How access everywhere allows for diversity in patients and better statistical outcomes
  • How virtual clinic trials help with retention for longer studies
  • Why it’s important to put patients first
  • How COVID helped with Curebase’s Series A raise
  • Why it’s important to think about a hiring plan before a raise
  • Why you should be open to hiring good talent located anywhere in the world
  • How creating an engaged team and shared culture promotes company growth and innovation


Put on your headphones to become inspired and learn more about how Tom and his Curebase team are changing healthcare and impacting lives!


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