EP 8: TIk Tok: A Business Strategy Beyond Gen Z



In this episode, Patty chats with Jimmy Slagle, the founder of Trend Z, a TikTok marketing service provider. Jimmy shares the stories of his successful ventures in high school and how he started his schooling at the University of Minnesota by declaring himself a finance major. After an internship at a large bank, he discovered that he wanted to make a bigger and more direct impact.


Slagle dispels some of the misconceptions about the TikTok platform. He then lays out some of the differences in methods and results for advertising on Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms. Next, Jimmy describes how and why many of the brands doing well on TikTok are not big Fortune 500 companies. He suggests that brands advertising on TikTok be creative, embrace cringeyness, and try different campaigns to see what works. Finally, he explains how Trend Z can help companies market on TikTok and why influencer marketing is so successful.


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