EP 5: North Dakota: An Entrepreneurial Gold Mine with Hannah Lange



In this episode, we welcome Hannah Lange to the Persevere Podcast. Hannah shares the story of how her path led her to be the Venture Financing Manager of the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce’s Development Fund. 
Starting at NDSU in 2016, she quickly found a spot for herself in the Bison Fund and eventually became its COO. On numerous industry trips, she realized that not many women were involved in the financial pursuits in which she was interested. Hannah and a friend started an organization at NDSU called Women in Business. By gaining connections with students and community leaders in this group, she co-founded a venture capital fund under NDSU that raised over $100,000 by the time of her graduation. Throughout all of these experiences, she has challenged herself to persevere by making herself uncomfortable and trying new things.
Hannah discusses how the Development Fund is an economic tool of North Dakota to bring new jobs, industries, and businesses to the state. The Development Fund offers venture financing, loans, and other unique financial tools to incentivize business investments in the state. The fund also connects companies to private banks, venture capital firms, community leaders, economic development agencies, and the state bank to find ways to bring more economic activity to North Dakota.
Hannah shares her love for North Dakota’s business, education, and banking culture. She explains how easily people can make connections in the state and that everyone is interested in seeing the state’s economy flourish. 


Hannah dispels the myth that North Dakota is interested only in agricultural ventures. She explains how North Dakota and the Development Fund are striving to build a sustainable economy through diversification into medical technology and many other industries.
Listen in to learn more about Hannah and how North Dakota may just be the perfect place to start your own business!


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