EP 3: Foolproof Your Winter Skincare Routine


Your skin is your body's largest organ, and it’s so important to treat it right! Investing in skincare might not be at the top of your to-do list, but when you want a boost in confidence and want to put your best face forward, it's time to talk to the professionals. 

In this episode of the Checkable Podcast, the team from The Vanity Bar sits down to talk about all things winter skincare, plans for different skin types, and what is worth putting on your face. In this no-holds-barred conversation, you will get the basics of starting a skincare routine to technical products and services that will help you achieve your best skin. 
So tune in and Glow, Baby Glow! 


Key Takeaways: 


  • Tips you can use to keep your skin happy in the winter.
  • Why you shouldn’t completely overhaul your skincare regime.
  • One item you can add to your routine to make an exponential difference for your skin.
  • The important ingredients you should be looking for in your skin products.
  • Why you should seek out professional skin care advice and services.

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Full Episode Transcript:

0:00:45.6 S1: Hello everyone, welcome to our WE, Wellness Essentials with Checkable Medical. My name is Melissa Branch and I'm the Executive Director overseeing the marketing, business and operations for the company, and this is Lora Larson, who is our business project manager, who basically makes sure that all of our business and projects are in line. Today we have an awesome topic to cover for those women out there who have a struggle, who look at each other, walking the sidewalks up and down the street, and in and out of house parties, and wondering, What the heck do I do with my winter skin care routine? When all elements are out of control, how do I keep my skin from freaking out during this winter season. Here in North Dakota, the elements can wreak havoc on our skin and how do we approach skin care when we just came out of the fall...


0:02:29.8 S1: Out of the summer, our skin was looking great and growing, and all of a sudden it's dry and chapped and blotchy. Well, guess what, we have three beautiful ladies who are here in studio with us today to help us figure it out, and not to let the freezing temperatures get us down. How do we keep our complexion plump, how do we know what tips, tricks and services that are out there. Well, they're gonna answer those all for us today, the skin care experts from Vanity Bar here in West Fargo are on the microphone, willing to answer all the questions that Lora and I have to throw out them, but before I turn it over to them, before they take over the world and tell you all the tricks and tips. Basically, they are bad ass when it comes to beauty hacks, they're deadly when they're armed with face grub, syringes and knowledge when it comes down customizing and offering treatments, don't let their beauty tips and tricks, as well as how they look and sound fool you, because they will let you know between Botox, facials, chemical peels and more, these guys will actually tell you from the chest up, how to keep your poop in a group and lookin’ good this winter.


0:03:57.0 S1: So let me turn it over to these guys. Before I do, I gotta give you a quick bio, 'cause the bill, you need to know who you're listening to because that is so, so, so vital and ways to tune in and listen to why we have experts coming in on the Wellness Essentials from Checkable Medical. Over your radio speakers today. First off is Amanda, she's a registered nurse. Don't let that fool ya. She’s been a super nurse since 2006, after realizing art was lonely and she enjoyed one-on-one interactions with people. She was in a birthing center for 14 years. She did caring for moms and babies, thank God, 'cause,when I passed that 10-pound baby, that was awful, but I relied on people like her next to me, then after the 14 years, she knows that Vanity Bar where human interactions are vital, along with having a passion for skin care and building confidence and clients is the perfect fit for her. Next, alongside her is Casey. Casey is, look out, she's not only beautiful, but she completed her associates and Business Administration and pursued her interior-design as well, but then she decided to follow her forever dream of becoming an aesthetician.


0:05:22.8 S1: She has been working at the Vanity Bar for almost a year, she graduated from the Salon Professional Academy in February of 2021. She transitioned into it being a skin specialist in March. Also three asterisks, she's a bad bitch who enjoys creating the best Spotify playlist over a glass of wine, and we're gonna feed her that after. Before she leaves today's podcast, she needs to make a kick-ass Checkable Medical Spotify playlist. And then last but not least, is Mandy, medical director. She has 17 years of nursing experience and graduated with her FNP... What the hell is FNP? Her previous experience includes women's health, I don't know, this big word of care and vascular access, not only you, smart, beautiful and smart. But soon will be a grandma and we are calling it Glamma. Anyway, before I turn it on to those guys... Lora, do you have anything else that you wanna add? I'm just excited to talk to experts and dive deep into how I can keep my skin happy this winter. Alrighty, so Vanity Bar, I feel like we're on the dating game. Number one, Amanda, before we ask you questions, was there anything that we left out on your amazing bio...


0:07:04.3 S2: Yeah, But I like your way better. And then so I'm gonna keep it and I'll have you forward it to me and that would be my official bio from now on.


0:07:13.1 S1: Do you have a fun fact? That you whip out at parties like, What's your fun fact?


0:07:16.1 S2: Oh, no. Let me think on it. I do but we’ll wait for that... Can anything be said here? Yes, anything, anything, I have a third nipple.


0:07:33.3 S1: So you better clarify who that is for those listeners who are not able to see you. For those users out there who are not taking notes... That was the medical Director on the call. Three nipples. Call her if you need something. How about you Casey? 


0:08:01.2 S2: Oh gosh, mine is not as cool as that. Maybe relating back to how I got into aesthetics. I used to live in Australia and my host mom was a cosmetologist and she let me work with her on the days when I didn't have to watch her kids. So that's kind of how I got really into the self-care aspect of things, and yeah, she just showed me how fun of an environment it is to be with women all day, and I just loved it, and I was like... I could see myself doing that. I mean, that would be fun. You say anything but an Australian accent? It's like a Canadian, North Dakota/Australian accent, and I just feel like I wouldn’t do them any justice. Amanda, how many babies have you delivered? That's a fun fact. Like me personally? Like the doctor didn’t make it in time? More than ten. That’s a pretty fun fact. Thank you. That’s ten too many. 


0:09:08.6 S1: Too many, too many. Thank God for people like you in this world. Alright, are you guys ready to dive deep into our hard-hitting questions...


0:09:23.0 S2: Yes, let's do it. All right, it's good. Keep it English right.


0:09:27.8 S1: Please note, this is intended for the lay user. The people that might not be so up-to-date on the medical terms or the ingredient terms, so be sure to share with them what those ingredients or those terms might be. So today, our discussion is all about winter skin care. In North Dakota, we deal a lot with winter wind, very cold temperatures and very dry conditions. So can you tell us why it's different to treat your skin with a new type of care. Why you should treat your skin differently in the winter.


0:10:08.6 S2: We can, but can we start out talking about strengthening your skin so it's adaptable to all of the environments? That’s the hard part with living here is 'cause it is the extreme. Constant changes. In four minutes, you’re outside in the freezing cold wind and then you're inside with a furnace. So the best route is getting on a good skin care regimen where your skin is adaptable, and then going from there and making your small tweaks. Yeah, I think a lot of people don't necessarily like... Obviously, if they're not in a skin care world, they wouldn't know as much, but starting with a regimen is like your foundation for everything, you could come in and do all the facials you want every week, but if you're not taking home good products, if you're not doing your regimen, it's not gonna really matter. That's like the basis for everything, a regimen is 80% of your skin care.


0:11:09.6 S1: So we now all know that everybody has different skin types, and obviously you wanna go to a professional and figure out what you should be doing for your skin type, but for somebody who's just wanting to start something at home, what would you say that that baseline regimen should be? Four steps. GSR. Getting Skin Ready. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone. 


0:11:27.7 S2: Then you find a powerhouse moisturizer, which is your daily power defense. Got the hydrators, got a little bit of retinol, things like that, that would be good. If you're low maintenance you could start right there, 'cause the goal is skin barrier. A healthy skin barrier, and that's what you're building up to. And that accelerated cell turnover time, and then we can move on.Facials are just the cherry on top after that. Exactly, exactly.


0:12:04.2 S1: So we have our baseline skin care regimen, what are we gonna do in the winter to amp that up and give us some extra protection, some extra moisture, what are we needing to do to keep our skin looking and feeling good in the winter...


0:12:22.4 S2: What’s your number one? Like mine’s gonna be exfoliation.  My number one, my skin does not adapt well to weather changes. It goes through it, I'm definitely more blemish prone... So it's gonna be more as the season changes, it's gonna be very on top of me getting my hydrafacials or me getting dermal planes or hydrafacials, and then slowly I incorporate a little bit more moisturizer... Yeah, exfoliating for sure to help with the cell turnover, to help with those clogged pores and anything that's kind of getting trapped in there. I just feel like if I'm adding  moisturizer just because my skin is more dry because of running furnaces and being in and outside of crazy North Dakota weather. If I'm just putting moisturizer on, I'm just moisturizing a layer of dead skin cells because if you're not regularly exfoliating skin,  it's not absorbing what you're adding anyways.  And that’s the thing with the moisturizing, sometimes if you feel like you're extra oily in the winter, people do say they're so, so, so oily, but they're also dry, and that's because your skin is over-compensating from the lack of moisture that you're actually retaining, so your skin is producing more oil.


0:13:45.4 S2: Therefore, if you are oilier, you just need to get past that congestion phase... Yeah, definitely be on a good regimen, maybe a couple of facials in there, and then sometimes if you are a little more on the dry side and you could add a little bit of a thicker moisturizer... I have to do that sometimes. Or like small little switches, like I switch my toner in the winter. A lot of times I go from more of an alpha-hydroxy or an AHA to more of a calming toner. I don't think it's a great idea to overhaul your entire regimen... No, I would just say tiny baby tweaks here and there, if you're changing your entire regimen, then you're going to see purging plus the added effect of the season changing, so you're gonna go through it and it's not gonna be fun and it’s probably not even necessary. Well, until... Yeah, if you have to overhaul your entire regimen, you maybe weren’t on the right one for yourself in the first place. 100%. I would say that too.


0:14:45.5 S1: So ladies, as we are having a conversation about how all of our skin types are different, if one listener does not wanna overhaul their entire skin routine and regimen, what's one ingredient for the winter that they should actually have in their routine?


0:15:05.9 S2: That's good. A really good question, and Mandy, you've been quiet over here. I would say a good moisturizer. In the winter months, it gets very dry, you have a little bit more humidity in the summertime, and that shows in a lot of faces, but the winter months, I would say a good moisturizer. Like hydrating creams. ZO has a hydrating cream that's really great and good for all skin types, too. So that's what I would say if you wanna change one thing or add one thing. And you could even just use that at nighttime, right, and just let it really soak in. And then in the daytime, use something light... Or your daily power cleanse, which is moisturizing.


0:15:52.5 S1: Are all moisturizers treated equally at or what? Heck no. How do you know what is a good moisturizer? Well.


0:16:04.7 S2: You either know a lot about skin care or you have a really good aesthetician, an injector that knows your skin and that you are seeing them regularly, so we can kinda tweak your regimen for you.


0:16:19.1 S1: Good to know. I don't like to read labels nor are they in English. You don't spend a Friday night reading ingredients? No, you just phone a friend or text a friend. Right, right, there you go. Are there any ingredients in specific that you look for in your products or recommend, like a glycolic acid or lactic acid or retinol, anything like that, that you think is important to have included in that routine?


0:16:52.2 S2: Sure, I love hyaluronic acid 'cause I run dry. All seasons, I run in the drier side and I get mine in my SPF, 'cause that's another thing that we haven’t hit on yet, but SPF is almost as important in the winter as it is in the summer, and a way to get that in is finding an SPF that you kinda make work for you, it has some ingredients that help your skin and make your skin look better because then you're gonna be more compliant. Like if I have just kinda over-the-counter Neutrogena sunscreen, that's probably kind of greasy, my makeup doesn't stick to it and I’m probably just going to skip that step if I'm gonna hurry.


0:17:32.5 S1: I wanna hear from each of you guys what your favorite sunscreen is, 'cause everybody has their favorite, so one by one, tell me what your favorite sunscreen is.


0:17:41.0 S2: And we could probably all say it on three... No actually it changes. SuperGoop Glowscreen. Low Screen Glow Screen every single day. 


0:17:54.6 S1: Is that all three of you? No.


0:17:57.4 S2: I really... Well, typically, I use CC Screen by Supergoop, and then I also like ZO’s sheerscreen. The sheer cream by ZO is the one that I really like. I think it has a really good coverage. I love it. Glowscreen is great too, though... Supergoop has an awesome SPF. Supergoop is awesome.


0:18:28.8 S1: I personally use the Glowscreen, and since I've been using that, I like barely wear makeup because it diffuses it well enough and gives you that nice glow. So I'm a big fan of the Glowscreen.

0:18:39.5 S2: Right. And then with the days that you do decide to wear makeup, it's a primer, it's a little moisturizing. Well, hydrating, I think there’s a difference between moisturizing and hydrating. So hyaluronic acid is a water-based, so it's going to help with your skin’s water barrier, so it'slocking in that hydration rather than moisturizing, which sometimes can have more of an oil base and can feel thicker. Totally different. 

0:19:09.3 S1: Thank you for the English. Yes, thank you. Awesome, so why is skin care worth the investment, Ladies, why should... If people call a friend and go to an establishment like the Vanity Bar and seek out skin care?


0:19:33.2 S2: It's your largest organ. It’s your baby. It’s what everyone sees. No one can see your beautiful inside organs. Your skin is the first thing everyone sees. And you have it forever. And beyond superficial reasons, I just think that is the first thing you see. Of course, and when you feel good about that, you do good. You’re out there, and you're more comfortable and your focus is elsewhere. Why invest in it? 'Cause you're not gonna find products that are gonna make your skin glow and look great at Target, or you go to Sephora and if you know what you're doing and you're looking at the shelf among shelf among shelf, it's overwhelming. Yeah, it was overwhelming. It's like There's gorgeous marketing, I just wanna pick up all those pretty bottles or or work for someone else. Obviously, I mean, it works for them, but not everyone. My personality has probably changed like a ton, since my skin has gotten better, just like my confidence, I should say. And in the unique customized regimen for yourself...

0:20:58.7 S1: In my experience, when you're not seeing a professional, you're not making that investment to go see a professional, you're spending all this money on products you use a couple of times and find out you hate anyway. if you just don't go all by those cheap cheesy products from CVS or Target and actually visit your professional... Yeah, you're paying a little more up front to see professional, and then you're paying more for quality products, but you're gonna find something that you're actually gonna use is actually gonna make a difference, so that's my plug for making that investment to not only see a skincare professional, but also invest in top-of-the-line products because even though the sticker shock may shock you at first with some of the products, it's absolutely worth it, and they're gonna last you longer and you're gonna find better results.


0:21:49.1 S2: It's a long-term investment. It's not just gonna be like a Band-Aid with some products, you're like, Oh, this is great, and then a couple of months in and you're like, It's not working anymore.  I'm sure we all have that drawer, which is like the graveyard, the blackhole of products. Add up the money in that drawer. Oof. But it's hard if you don't know exactly your skin type or have someone helping you.


0:22:23.9 S1: I believe in supporting businesses like yours, because I look at skin care and my face as my business card. I think first impressions are very important, both personally as well as in the business field, and I rely on experts like you to guide me, so I think it's really important from my standpoint, to invest in that and your skin care, and you know when you're 80 years old or ninety years old, I don't want Lora to be tripping over my saddle bags behind me, so thank you guys for helping me look good every day. So we just touched on products a little bit, but you guys are a service-based industry, and you guys have quite a few very technical services as well as facials and stuff, what are some of the services that you would recommend to somebody just getting started out in a skin care regimen.


0:23:29.4 S2: That are not facial-related? Either, or.


0:23:33.2 S1: Maybe somebody's coming in and has never seen a professional, maybe they do X, or if there's somebody looking to up their game, what's the new trend in the field that you would recommend?


0:23:46.8 S2: I know we always start with asking what products they're using, see where they're at there, if they're just fresh, if they're wanting to start new products, we like to start them there, give them a couple of weeks to see how things are going, and then kinda ease them into... Well, depending if they wanna get facials or if they wanna get injectables or more in-depth things that you guys do... Yeah, I would say hydrafacials are absolutely great for somebody that's never done anything before, if they're just walking into a spa for the first time and they don't know what to do, it's not quite so intimidating, and it's kind of in between that facial and something that's gonna give you a little bit of results. So hydrafacial is great where we cleanse, exfoliate, do a mild peel and suck all the gunk out of your pores. Extract, extract. And then seal you up. And when you move on to the more clinical services, like the injectables or the peels, or the microneedling, those are more of a treatment and then something like a hydrafacial, the dermal planes, things like that are more of your maintenance. So when you get to where you want, if you do have concerns with hyper-pigmentation or acne, things like that, that you really want to address, then maybe you go more of the clinical route, but then when we get you to where you are happy with your skin you wanna maintain so monthly, aesthetician visits, the hydrofoils, dermal plans, things like that can kind of help maintain that.


0:25:22.4 S2: Yeah, I know when I went through that journey. We’ll call it a journey because it was that. Oh my God, can I tell you about Casey’s first day of her journey?  I made her take pictures 'cause I knew that she was gonna like the befores after her journey. And she's crying in her pictures, she did not want to be taking pictures without make-up. Yeah, I was so embarrassed. I had terrible hormonal acne like clusters, like cystic, they were big and really, it really, really knocked my self confidence down. I was like, I just wanted to take Accutane right now and be done with this, and they were like, No, let's start here, start you with the regimen, we'll start with some hydro facials and then we move to a peel and then some hydrafacials in between, and we'll see where you're at. And I think what everyone should know is that when you come in, everything is so customizable to your needs, we're always gonna give you the best advice, the best route for you, hydrafacials themselves are so customizable. We’re always on your side. But yeah, your care plan, or Melissa’s and Lora’s is not gonna look like any other care plans.


0:26:39.0 S2: Everybody's different.


0:26:41.6 S1: You lived... You're not traumatized. You're not seeing counseling. You're okay. And you're beautiful, right? I love when people come in and they're like, Oh man, I'm so struggling. You wanna see my before and afters? Let me show you, honey! I will show you what I went through because I am living proof.

0:26:59.7 S1: Nobody's alone. So that's great. You're your own billboard. No, so we have a lot of listeners and our target customer and client, our friends, our mothers, right. So as a pregnant woman, how does she approach good winter skin care? I know it's a little different, right? You gotta make sure as a new mom or another mom. Right. Maybe it's your second or third. What kind of routine should she look into for winter skin care? 


0:27:35.7 S2: So services are gonna be more limited, so really making sure that you have that great consistent at home routine is gonna be so important, so you can still be doing the cleansing, exfoliating, toning, you're gonna pull the retinol out of your regimen, but things like vitamin C, glycolic acid, those chemical exfoliants are still fine. If you're struggling with acne, we can hook you up with a benzoyl peroxide safety in pregnancy, salicylic acid less than 2%. These are all ECOG approved, which is the governing board of medical providers during pregnancy, like labor delivery. That we keep coming back to that, but that's another great reason to have kind of a relationship or an expert helping guide you through those and which products are best for you. Then you don't have to sit and question it. Is this ok? Is that ok? Right, and then service-wise, just keeping up on those dermal planes and facials, just a facial where you're getting your natural ingredient, masks, exfoliation, things like that, and your aesthetician is watching 'cause your skin definitely changes with hormones during pregnancy, so it's not gonna be probably what your baseline is.


0:28:58.8 S2: So having a consistent appointment for your aesthetician to help you guide you through that process and assess your skin and see if there are tweaks that need to be made or products that could benefit from.


0:29:11.6 S1: As being someone who's never had a child myself, What could women who are pregnant. But you’re glowing Lora. It's not a baby glow, it’s just me! But wondering, just for people that are maybe thinking about becoming pregnant, what can they expect from their skin during pregnancy and post-pregnancy.


0:29:33.3 S2: I know a lot of people, like you said, that hormonal change...they're looking at some major changes. What should they be seeing or expecting and what can they do about it? I don't think you can ever really expect something in particular to happen when you're pregnant, everybody is so different. Even from each pregnancy for the same person. Yeah, there's no good expectation. You'll hear people have a pregnancy glow or they're nice and hydrated, and then people like me where I had horrible cystic acne all over my face, so I don't think there's really anything that you can expect with pregnancy, everybody is really different. And like Amanda said, just having a relationship with your provider or your aesthetician to make changes to your skin care regimen that are safe for pregnancy is the best thing you can do. Melasma is a huge one, so again, even though you’re pregnant, SPF. Yeah, and really when you're pregnant or breastfeeding beside the SPF and avoiding acute, you have to wait until after you’re pregnant or done breastfeeding to kinda go back into those bleaching agents for your skin or some of those medical procedures. And so also from people who don't know what melasma is, it’s just hyper-pigmentation. 


0:31:00.7 S2: A lot of women see it on that upper lip area... Yeah, they're just dark brown spots that can look like sunspots, but we'll take care of it. There are ways to get rid of it, not completely heal it, or not completely cure it , but definitely ways to hopefully lighten it.


0:31:25.0 S1: To... So when we talk about winter, it comes to holidays, right, and comes with family photos, Christmas cards, and then you layer on the word peel, the capital P word, like the dreaded P word. Whenever someone says the word peel, they’re like, Oh my God, I don't wanna get a peel or I need to take a week off of work.Who are these people? They’re crazy. That was the only reason I wanted summer to be over!


0:31:57.2 S1: There's a stigma out there. So, question for you ladies, with all this and the holidays and winter, how do you time your treatments appropriately so you look your best and look like Lora glowing skin for your photos? Right.


0:32:14.4 S2: Well, all of them kinda come with their own downtime, if we wanna go back to the peels, this is the best season to get a peel because it's kind of like lake season is winding down, you're not in that direct, bright hot sun as much. Big results, about seven days of downtime at the most, so if you're looking for timing...that’s a good one. No, typically, you're not gonna have that whole seven days where you cannot show your face to anybody because it's peeling, typically it’s gonna be just days 2 and 3, so if you do like a Wednesday night or a Thursday, usually that works really well, so you peel over the weekend, and then you go back to work Monday and you're kind of presentable. I feel like that’s your “I procrastinated and I have pictures next week, I have time to do a quick peel.” Where some of your procedures that are great, like the skin pen, the microneedling, things like that, that's gonna be... You're gonna see your best results in a month. If you're looking at injectables, I would say a minimum of two weeks before photos or before a big event.


0:33:28.1 S2: In case you do have a little bit of bruising and for things to calm down. If you really, really wanna get through a peel, extra super speedy, Amanda just did her VIPeel, but she added on a dermal plane beforehand. And then, did you do a complete ZO complexion renewal? I did oil control. Oil control and then went through the peel procedure and she peeled even quicker.What would you say you were like? I was done by day 5. So you saved a couple days.


0:34:07.3 S1: Life hack there. 


0:34:10.6 S2: Yeah, get a dermal plane right before... Yeah, it's a little spicy, but it's so fast, it's so fast in and out, probably 20 minutes. And then another you're kinda looking for big results in a short time with little down time, we have a hydro-needle procedure too, that I feel like has been really popular and it's a really good event, pre-events or pre-photos, and what that is, is we make a little bit of a cocktail of Botox and hyaluronic acid, which is one of those key ingredients for winter, for plumping, and we kind of just stamp that really superficially in the skin, and that... I think we've seen really good results, kind of like putting a filter on. It's beautiful, yes. And those results I’d say are within a week


0:35:04.1 S1: I don't know if stamping is the word when you stamped my face, but I feel like it was spicier than a stamp, but it's worth it. You're impatient and you never let the numbing sit on long and just “I gotta go...just do it. No, come on. Let's get this done.”


0:35:19.8 S2: The forehead is spicy, the rest is not so bad. We're just kissing your forehead with little gold needles. So it is little needles instead of just a stamp. That’s realistic expectations. Thank you.


0:35:34.8 S1: I'm so glad you mentioned that service, 'cause that is really one that I love that you guys offer. Okay, so I am a skincare junkie, I always like to know what's new, what's fresh, what's coming up, what new services are coming around the bend, can you guys share with us any new and emerging services or technology that we should be looking forward to?


0:36:04.7 S2: I’m gonna sit back in my chair.


0:36:11.1 S1:  Before you acknowledge this, Lora and I need to have VIP access to whatever service you're gonna say first. Okay, and we had already started a waitlist, As long as it’s not the V-shot I won't be first in line.


0:36:27.5 S2: Melissa you are on the waiting list, Lora I can put you on our waiting list also,  'cause the more names we have on our waiting list, the sooner we're getting this technology, One thing that is really big right now is radio frequency. Radio frequency microneedling, uses more of like heat and frequency to help tighten the skin, so downtime is a little bit faster or a little bit less than it would be with skin pen and your results are more quick, so you're going to have more results with each session with this. The other... I don't know if we really wanna talk about the next one, or let that be a surprise. What it's gonna do anyway, would be help with contouring different areas, so helping contour ike jowls or some fat underneath the chin, the gobbler, bra fat, taking care of some of that and tightening it up a little bit, so that means you need to have to have us back for a part two...


0:37:48.8 S1: Right. We can do that. Stay tuned, I like that word, contouring, I'm in. It can help with some active acne breakouts.

0:38:10.8 S1: Now, there's a couple of cliffhangers, we better seal the deal here. We are talking about skincare care, which is on the inside, but there is a saying from the inside out, what do you recommend that we can do either through things we put in our bodies to help with our skin care...


0:38:41.0 S2: Water. Honestly, if you wanna really get into it starts from within. Gut health is huge. You gotta be putting good foods into your body... Yes, like Mandy said, water is huge. Our body is made up of a lot of water, so you gotta constantly be re-hydrating that, especially in the winter when you're feeling more dry, I mean, at all times you need water in your body. Holiday party. Especially holiday parties, maybe a little bender, get a little extra water in you, but... Yeah, gut health is huge, a lot of things that can be coming to the surface can potentially be gut related, not always, but for some cases, that's big. Water is huge. Huge huge. Or even watching what we are, people will tell me that they break out whenever they eat cheese or they break out whenever they eat a certain food, sugars, gluten dairy. There isn't a lot of evidence out there that food affects like acne specifically, but I'm sure here a lot of people that have that see it with specific food, it's so hard because skin is so, so different for everyone, so I could be experiencing the same problems as, you know, my best friend or the next person that comes in to see me, but it could be...


0:40:06.4 S2: It's probably completely unrelated from why we're getting it, or where we're getting it from, blah, blah, blah... I know I try to put in good foods into my body, lots of Greens. Of course, I still like good unhealthy foods. It’s necessary. Love a little sugar here and there. Love a little greasy fast food. Holidays we’re putting all that great food in our bodies. I’ve never ate so terrible in my life as of right now, and I have the best skin of my life. That's a perfect example of that is so different for everyone. So my skincare made a huge difference.


0:40:46.3 S1: Oh my gosh, that's awesome. 


0:40:49.7 S2: Some people can eat loads of sugar and their skin’s great. That's fine, but I know I'm not one of them. So it was just kind being aware. If you see a little flare up, be like, Oh, what was I... What was I doing? What was I eating? Was I taking care of my skin? Was I doing my regimen? Or even starting a diary with it. Especially acne. Depends a lot upon your menstrual cycle and what you're eating, so even starting a diary or having a lot of issues with acne.


0:41:27.3 S1: Well, I love having all three of you ladies on the podcast because it's a perfect example on how life happens and all of you experience life differently, your skin adapts differently and adjusts differently, it speaks out differently. So for closing, for the podcast today, where can listeners find more about you? Can you talk a little bit more about the Vanity Bar, where you're located, the inside scoop of where you guys all have your inner secrets? Can you share a little bit more with our listeners? Don't look at my Instagram ‘cause it’s terrible.


0:42:07.8 S2: But the Vanity Bar’s Instagram overall is awesome. Yeah, I feel like that's kind of where we put most of our information in the quickest way, if you’re Instagram is to follow at thevanitybar. We're located in West Fargo. Right off of 32nd and Veterans, we’re just kind of west of that Cashwise. We’re on Facebook, and then the vanity bar dot com, which was kind of a revamped website recently, and we added the virtual consult tool, which is really cool. So if you're listening to this and you're like, I kind of want that, but I need a little guidance, but I'm not ready to make the jump and go in in-person, you can go on there too. It's easy, you fill out a form and send a picture and ask your questions, and then we can FaceTime you if you want. If you're from out west or pretty far away, we do virtual consults anywhere. If you’re anywhere, you can just set up a consultation with us, we can FaceTime you and... Yeah, we're always your chat, or if you're a little more old school, call or text, we're very responsive to our text, pretty much any platform you can reach us at, we’ll listen, very responsive


0:43:34.9 S1: Alright, well, obviously, looking your best is important, but it's more than that, as women, like we talked about today, it's knowing what absolute confidence, what we're putting in our body, but also what looks like on our face, and like I said, it's my business card, it makes me feel confident as a woman, as a mother, as a wife, as a co-worker, as a friend, it's really important, and it's your greeting. And confidence is vital, vital, and I love the vanity bar for that, these three ladies as you can hear today, as well as Lora and myself and their services, it's awesome to have partners like that in the community to basically confide in for our winter skin needs as well as every day, Call a friend, phone a friend, send a pigeon for what these guys just said, nobody is alone in terms of the battles that we have for our beauty regimen. So really last but not least, subscribe to our podcast, sign up for our newsletter, at , we have guests that are incredible, like these three ladies today, tell you the inside and outs, the beauty secrets, and to keep everybody healthy and beautiful is what we do, so thank you guys any last closing remarks of the Vanity Bar and again, we will have you back for part two in the season.


0:45:06.0 S1: But anything else for me, ladies? Well.


0:45:08.8 S2: Thanks so much for having us on. And I feel like this is our jam with the Vanity Bar. We’re pretty informal, like the space we talked about earlier is really cute... Yeah, but we're not... We’re cute. But we have no expectations. And we’re hilarious! And most of our patients come in their workout clothes. Just come in. Enjoy it. We're here to make you feel comfortable. Not like you have to be a certain type of way to be in the Vanity Bar. We’re always on your side. And you wanna start small, that’s fine, we’re your biggest cheerleaders in any area, you wanna see all of you.


0:45:51.6 S1: That's awesome. Well, thank you, if you, the guests out there, have enjoyed today's podcast and episode, please take a minute to review and rate us on your favorite podcast platform. Don't forget to subscribe, so you can keep up with our podcast Wellness Essentials to help optimize your health, and check out the Vanity Bar dot com to learn more about these three lovely women as well as additional services and phone a friend, like they said, Reach out to them they are human, they are real, and they're approachable, and they're absolutely wonderful. So thank you everyone for your time today. And stay beautiful.