EP 24: Product Production: Optimize Your Workflow from Start to Finish with Ignition



Karthik Suresh, co-founder, and CEO of Ignition, is an expert marketer. He has experience working in big companies, startups and has been a founder. He loves the role of Product Marketing Manager. Any organization which develops and launches products values an effortless flow and efficiency when it comes to launching a product. Ignition is a platform that allows product marketing managers to have a centralized location to manage all of their different workflows. When it comes to launching a product, there are many different workflows, from budgets to timelines to advancements.


Getting all of the communication talking and in one spot really helps in the flow from start to finish when it comes to launching a product, which is exactly what Ignition helps you do 10x better. Also, learn how to overcome barriers and challenges founders face when it comes to launching products and how to solve them. Where should you put emphasis on your dollars and your time?


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