EP 16 How to Take on Any Hardship Life Throws at You


When it comes to taking on tough challenges, mindset is key. Patty sat down with Kevin Bjerke, veteran, yoga instructor, and philanthropist, to discuss how he is using his diagnosis of cancer to live a life of purpose and drive. In this episode, you will learn how mindfulness in action can help you control your reactions despite your circumstances. You'll learn how optimism can help you heal from anything as well as tactics on how to invite optimism into your every day.


Key Takeaways:


  • How to live a life of meaning
  • How to guide your reactions to hard circumstances
  • How to find ways to release negative emotions and feelings
  • The importance of healthy social connections & support network
  • The importance of values and how to align a life around them
  • How incorporating intermittent fasting can benefit your body
  • Whether you are going through something difficult in your personal life or professional life.


This podcast shares how you can get through anything with a strong mind, body, and spirit.


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