EP 15: Creating Culture: Hiring That Goes Beyond Skills


At the core of every business is its people. Patty sat down with Erik and Peter Stenehjem of First International Bank and Trust to discuss how their family business has created a concrete culture that supports the individual employee and the organization’s growth. In this two-for-one episode, you will also learn how to interact and establish a relationship with your bank to help fund your startup and business. 


Key Takeaways: 


  • How to treat your people not like a number
  • How to build a learning culture
  • Why hire for attitude and train for skill
  • How to communicate with your banker
  • What you should think about before asking for a loan
  • The difference between working with a community bank and a corporate giant


Whether you need to rethink your hiring process or seek funds to help support your hiring and growth, this episode has it all. Hit play now! 


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