EP 13: Personal Branding: How to Establish and Own Your Personal Brand


In this episode, Patty chats with Mel Stanley about personal branding and setting yourself apart as a confident woman in the business world. 


Mel is the founder of FirstWoman, a Personal Brand and Marketing strategist, CMO, and Board Director, helping ambitious, professional women and Founders achieve success, recognition, and reward by developing a captivating Personal Brand which does the selling and self-promotion for you. She works exclusively with aspiring women who want to be successful on their terms without compromising who they are, their values, and their principles. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • How to create visibility and confidence with personal branding. 
  • How to be inspired to stand up and use your voice. 
  • How you could be using self-sabotaging language without even knowing it
  • How to own the physical and virtual room confidently
  • How to show confidence in your digital messaging and demeanor
  • What words to remove from your digital and verbal vocabulary


As Mel states, personal branding is the difference between being known for something and not being known for anything. So make yourself known and hit play on Episode 13 of the Persevere Podcast! 

Connect with Mel on LinkedIn or via her website.


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