EP 11: Using Analytics to Build Your Pitch Deck and Fund Your Startup


In this episode, Patty and Justin Izzo discuss using analytics to build your pitch deck and fund your startup. Justin Izzo is the Content Marketing Manager at DocSend, a secure file-sharing platform with real-time control and insights. DocSend helps startup founders and venture capitalists who are raising money. Real-time analytics provide data on how users engage with files and how founders can successfully tailor their approach to fund their businesses.  


With DocSend’s reporting process, startup founders and their teams can gain insights into their company data and the data across the DocSend platform. 


Key Insights Discussed: 


  • The average pitch deck length is 19 pages (not 12 as told by the industry experts)
  • Investors spend twice as much time on the business model section of companies they decide to invest in
  • Investors spend 78% less time on the market traction slide of companies they did not fund
  • Now more than ever, early-stage startups need to operate like fully-fledged companies
  • Only 30% of startups have a financial section in their pitch deck or supporting documents, even when investors spend twice as much on the financials sections if they are included
  • Front-load your pitch deck with the four most important slides (purpose, problem, solution, and market size)


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