EP 10: Pitching 101: Communicating Your Message with Ease


In this episode of the Persevere Podcast, Patty interviews Jack Coborn Ellis to discuss the nitty-gritty details of pitching and crafting a story that not only gains your audience's attention but convinces them to become a supporter as well. 


As a four-time individual national finalist in speech and debate, Chief of Staff for an incredible healthcare organization, and a coach for dozens of executive speakers, Jack knows a thing or two about the winning points of public speaking.  


If you have been left asking, how do I pitch myself? How do I pitch my business? Or, if you are afraid of public speaking (don’t worry, you aren’t alone!), this episode has your name all over it. 


Key takeaways: 


  • Questions to ask before you even begin 
  • Building a structure around your story
  • A sure-proof structured method to use if all else fails
  • Script creation and PRACTICE
  • The perfect pitching stance
  • How to pitch virtually
  • The dos and don'ts for attire (dress to impress - always!) 
  • Why hiring a coach is more important than making your pitch deck look good


Ready to feel confident in your speaking abilities and gain traction where it matters most? Tune into the Persevere Podcast now!

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