Mom's, We See You. Happy Mother's Day!

As a company created for busy moms with children, today is a special day. Happy Mother’s Day.


I see you, Moms.


Whether you're in the thick of it caring for little ones or, like me, looking in the rearview mirror at that stage of life, I see you and applaud you. 


As mothers, we bring new life into the world and are called upon to cheer on, inspire, pick up, motivate, and breathe life into broken hearts and daydreams. These qualities don't turn off when our children leave home or grow up; they are a part of our DNA. We possess these qualities before we have children; it's our unique gift. We also shield, nurture, comfort, and protect our families, and for many of us Mamas, we provide for our families too. 


I see you, Mama, who keeps the family together and makes all of our holidays special. Mothers know it's important to come together and make an effort to make it all happen. It's the mother that feels empty when one of her chicks isn't at the family gathering, yet will FaceTime them to bring everyone together. You, Mom, are always thinking that way. 


I see you, Mama, nurturing and patient. A mom that kisses the boo-boos and sits in the waiting room, cuddling their little one while waiting to see the doctor. The mother that will let you cry and vent forever about the lame boss that didn't give you the promotion. It's also the mom that will ask you about your day because she genuinely wants to know. 


I see you, Mama, buying the perfect gifts for each family member, and planning every birthday party and holiday to make it a memorable one. I see you waking up at the crack of dawn on Easter, hiding all of the eggs, or staying up all Christmas Eve to get every gift wrapped and ready for the perfect Christmas morning. I see you opening your presents, smiling at the handmade cards and crafts you can hang on the fridge.


I see you, Mama, making a home for us, keeping us clean and in line while juggling it all. I see you working on your fitness, nutrition, and hobbies while inspiring your family to do better. 


You're up at night, up early in the morning, and your love, affection, and devotion to your family remain consistent throughout every season. 


We see you, Mama, and we celebrate you today and every day!