How to Turn Travel Anxiety into Something Positive

When I come back from a vacation, I consider it a rebirth. I envision a fresh start, a new year, and a clean slate. I’m intentional about upcoming ideas while on vacation, and I make time to set goals for my return and reflect on what I’ve accomplished, what I didn’t, and what I hope to. 

During the first couple of days of vacation, I’m always anxious. Leading up to it, I plow through my to-do list and turn my out-of-office reply on. The packing, planning, and uneasy feelings of visiting an unfamiliar place combined with the stress of work that awaits my return cause my travel anxiety. I tend to get it pretty bad the night before I leave and the first few days after arrival because I worry about work. It made my vacation not feel like a vacation until I took control of it. Here’s what I do instead of letting the thoughts control me.

I channel my nervous energy to reflect on the past, and I write lists, categorizing them by how I’m repeating my thoughts. I do it first thing in the morning because I usually can’t sleep, then I go for a walk and listen to a business book on Audible, or I just walk to clear my head. I randomly jot notes in the day whenever a thought pops into my head, and I put it in a journal note titled “vacation thoughts.”

This allotment of time allows me to relax and be present, so I can actually enjoy the rest of my vacation. I feel less anxious, and when I get back, I’m refreshed and prepared to tackle everything on my plate. Try it.

XOXO, Patty