How Long Does it Take for Health Supplements to Be Effective?

“Why can’t I see any results from the supplements I have been taking?!” Yes, we’ve all been there. You want results fast. That’s how the human brain works. You may have tried a product a friend or family member loves, but for you, there were no results. Everybody’s biochemistry is different, and the length of time before you feel a tangible benefit will depend on your body and what it needs to feel its best. When it comes to seeing results when taking supplements, it really depends on what’s in the supplement. If you lack minerals and nutrients, it can take a few days or weeks for supplements to kick in.


With supplements, we may not necessarily feel different. Allow time for the supplements to work within the system – at least four weeks and up to six for optimal results. After this time, stop taking the product for a few days. Most people notice the difference they did not previously think was present! 


The question of how long it will take a supplement to work and for you to notice improvements depends on several factors, such as:

  • Your general health conditions
  • Your nutrient profile
  • Your health goals

According to nutritional formulator Steve Kushner, the time it takes for the intake of vitamins to work can be within hours or weeks, pending on how deficient your body is in that particular supplement. We suggest allowing at least one month of routinely taking your supplements to allow them to be effective. If you are dehydrated, then an electrolyte supplement will work within minutes. However, if you have bone density issues, calcium will take six weeks to make a difference, and calcium needs a lot of other things for your body to truly absorb and reap the benefits.


Obviously, eating fruits and veggies is the best way to get all our nutritional needs, but did you know that eating bad foods actually causes the body to work harder? This is what can result in vitamin deficiency. Basically, all the supplementation you have done backfires if you aren’t eating nutritious food. If you follow a healthy diet, chances are you are still not getting everything you need from just the food. That’s where supplements come into play!


Another factor to consider: A supplement needs a lot of other things to make it actually work. You can’t just take a supplement and expect your bones to get stronger. You need utilization, and eating a good diet comes into play. There is no one supplement that offers everything in it. So, it’s best to have a great diet and supplement what you’re deficient in. The tip is to eat a varied diet full of good carbs, vegetables and fruits, and grains –try to incorporate supplements, and you’ll see the difference. Be patient with supplements, they take a bit longer than a drug, but the benefits will last a lifetime.