Foolproof Your Winter Skincare Routine

Last week I looked at my skin in the mirror, and I noticed it was dry, blotchy, and irritated. I  knew I needed to do something about it, yet I wasn't sure where to start. I've heard about skincare, but with so many different products on the market, I didn't know where to begin. The winter months can be hard on your skin, especially your face, because it is often part of your body that is mostly exposed to the elements. As I watched my skin become dry and chapped, I decided to turn to the experts to find some answers. 

I had heard about The Vanity Bar, a boutique-style skincare center in West Fargo. Their rockstar staff of professionals knows the ins and outs of how to treat your skin from the neck up. They offer a variety of products, treatments, and facials to help you not only look your best but feel your best. They taught me how to implement a skincare regimen to improve my skin and remedy the issues I was having. I was so relieved to have found an answer to my dry, dull skin! 


Why do we need to treat our skin differently as the seasons change?  

When I asked the skincare team about how to treat my skin in the winter best, they told me that it is important to have a good routine all year round, not just in the wintertime. Especially in the midwest, we see extremes in the weather. In the summers, we see hot, humid days, while the winters bring blustering winds, snow, and ice, not to mention the sub-zero temps that hurt our faces! These kinds of fluctuations affect our skin, and being versed in how to treat our skin in each season is crucial.  

What can we do to improve our skin in the winter months?  

A great way to improve our skin in the winter months is to adopt a simple way to GSR , aka Get  Skin Right. And I'm happy to share that this doesn't mean that you have to layer on umpteen products and spend an hour on your skincare every morning and night. Keep it simple with this go-to, the fail-proof method you can incorporate into your daily routine. The Vanity Bar reminded me that a good regimen is 80 percent of your skincare, and facials are the cherry on top. 

There are four key steps in a good GSR  

Here is a breakdown of the four simple steps of a good skincare regimen, as well as tips to inspire you to want to incorporate it into your routine. 


    1. Cleanse. Cleansing your skin removes makeup, dirt, and toxins that accumulate throughout the day. It prepares your skin for the next steps of your routine. When cleansing my face in the morning, I  think about how it wakes me up and refreshes me to start my day. When cleansing at night, I think about letting go of the toxins that have built up on my skin as a metaphor for releasing any negative thoughts and emotions that may have built up that day. Not only does it prepare my skin, but it also prepares my mind for a good night's rest. 
    2. Exfoliate. Exfoliating removes the layer of dead skin cells, allowing your skin to breathe. it also helps to remove any residual residue that may still be on your skin after cleansing. Exfoliating a few times a week is a great way to refresh and brighten your skin and allow for healthy skin cell turnover. It also helps your skin breathe. I like to think of it as a long refreshing breath that invigorates me in the morning and helps me relax in the evening.  
    3. Tone. A good toner goes a long way! Toning prepares the skin and opens your pores, and allows for optimal absorption of the products you apply. Skin is dryer and more sensitive in the winter, so you may want to opt for a  lighter toner than the one you use in the summer months. When toning my skin, I like to think of it as a preparation for absorbing nutrients and moisture that will feel oh-so-good. 
    4. Moisturize. Moisturizing your skin not only feels amazing, but it also gives you great results as well. It's an especially important step during the winter months. Opt for a heavier moisturizer in the winter and a  lighter one in warmer months. You'll notice your skin surface start to change from dry and chapped to supple and radiant. I moisturize before bed and think of it as a warm blanket protecting my skin as I sleep. I also love how my skin feels when I wake up. 


Why should you invest in good skincare?  

• Your skin is your largest organ and protects the rest of your body from the elements, and it's important to keep it healthy. 

• Your skin is something you have forever, and it's the first thing people see when they meet you.  

• If you feel good in your skin, you boost your confidence.  

• You can end up spending money and time experimenting on your own and getting products that maybe aren't the best for your skin. 

• Avoid clutter by purchasing products you may not like or use. Getting a custom regime for yourself is a sure way to find products you love that keep your skin looking great! 

How do you get started?  

Check out to sign up for your in-person or virtual consultation. The staff can answer your skincare questions and get you set up with a regimen that works for you. 

To learn more, tune into this episode on the Checkable Podcast.


This article was written by Kayla Coté of Fargo Fit Friend.