Everyday Virus-Killing Household Cleaning Products

Since the pandemic, there has been a lot of (valid) concern over properly disinfecting your house from serious, contagious viruses. So much concern that instead of seeing seas of blue bottles walking down the cleaning supplies aisle, you now see bare, white shelves.

Have no fear; you are still in luck if you missed out on grabbing a bottle or two for your own home. Those everyday cleaning products that are staples in your home will do the trick!


Soap and water

Plain old soap and water can do just about the same amount of damage to germs that a bottle of Lysol can. The key is to SCRUB, SCRUB, SCRUB, and let the surface dry on its own. By scrubbing the surface, you are breaking up the outside coating of the virus and making the inside - the yucky virus stuff - lose its ability to wreak havoc on your family's immune system.   



Sorry parents, we aren't talking about vodka here. Rubbing alcohol with at least 70 percent alcohol can be effective in killing many viruses. You will want to leave the 70% solution on surfaces for 30 seconds before wiping it off. It is safe for all surfaces, but it could potentially discolor certain plastics.     


Hydrogen Peroxide

It's not just for cuts any more! Hydrogen peroxide should not be diluted and should be used as-is. You will want to leave the liquid on the surface you are cleaning for at least one minute before wiping it off. Just like rubbing alcohol, you may have some discoloration on certain surfaces, so beware of using it on some types of fabrics.


So, there you have it—no need to fret if you can't stock up on the cleaning supply aisle goods. Just remember, when in doubt, SPRAY, SET, and SCRUB! If you need to get stains out or fight odors, use vinegar!