Do Home Strep Tests Work in Detecting Strep Throat?

Strep throat is one of the most common viruses transmitted among children, and although the rate of complications of strep throat infection, such as glomerulonephritis and rheumatic fever are on the decline, timely and accurate treatment of strep throat is crucial to avoid any life-threatening complications.

Strep Throat Testing

In order to achieve the goal of timely and accurate treatment of strep throat, rapid detection methods should be used. Recently, research efforts have led to the development of tests capable of rapidly detecting the proteins of strep throat-causing bacteria; these tests, also known as rapid antigen detection tests (RADTs) for Streptococcal Pharyngitis (strep throat), can give highly accurate results within 10 minutes of taking the sample. They are performed manually and easily by taking a throat swab and inserting it into the antigen detection solution. 

At-Home Strep Throat Tests; Backed By Science

These strep throat RADTs have been widely and regularly used in health facilities to improve early detection and treatment; however, the speed of strep throat infection detection can be increased if parents are trained to use these RADTs at home. This will not only increase the detection speed of strep throat but can also reduce the financial burden on healthcare facilities. 


That is why Checkable, is launching the very first at-home strep throat test, the same rapid test you get in the doctor's office. Parents would need to take a throat swab from their children, insert it into the solution provided and then tell your PCP or connect to our telehealth app to get treatment fast! If the result is positive, then an antibiotic treatment for strep throat will be sent to your local pharmacy. And if the test result is negative, the parents will be advised on the appropriate symptomatic management. 


Despite the fact that many of these home-based rapid antigen detection tests for strep throat are available online. Their rate of utilization and the ability of the parents to use them to test for strep throat is relatively unknown, especially in the United States. 

Strep Throat Home Test Study

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT’s) Medical Department tested the hypothesis that parents could be easily trained and learn how to run RADTs for strep throat. 


The parents in this study were trained on rapid strep throat tests using a three-minute instructional video.  The video described the objectives of strep throat rapid detection, the procedure for taking a throat swab from the child and performing the rapid test. After the video, the parents were asked to take the throat swab and perform the test on their children. Out of 76 parents who agreed to participate in this study, 71 were successful in obtaining the throat swab and performing the rapid test for strep throat. Moreover, after the training, more than half of them were confident in their skills in throat swab taking and strep throat test performing. 


The authors concluded that if these parents could perform rapid strep throat tests in their homes, they could have avoided their visit to the pediatric clinic. No school or work time could have been lost. And clinicians at the clinic could have more time and resources to focus on more urgent cases. Keep Checkable's at-home rapid strep tests on hand for fast and accurate detection.