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Many ways to monitor

Whether it's an HTTP/HTTPS URL to check every 60 seconds, an IP address to ping once a day or a specific port to monitor non-stop — Checkable will help you keep track of your application uptime with ease.

  • HTTP
  • Ping
  • Port
Configurable to fit your applications

Every application comes with different requirements, which is configuration options are offered to make your monitors a perfect fit for your your websites, servers and applications. Choose from various HTTP methods, specify credentials for HTTP authentication or even configure your monitors to send custom headers.

  • Methods: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
  • Basic Authentication
  • Digest Authentication
  • Custom HTTP Headers
Instant Alerts

As soon as an availability issue or inconsistency is detected, Checkable will send instant alerts to the contacts you specify via email, SMS or using the out-of-the-box Slack integration. To automate the process of reacting to downtime, webhook alerts can be enabled as well.

  • SMS Alerts
  • Slack Alerts
  • Webhook Alerts
Historical Uptime Data

Analyze uptime statistics and application availability over time periods of any length and check if your applications adhere to your Service-Level Agreements at a single glance. Historical monitoring data is retained for an unlimited amount of time for Premium users.

Historical Uptime Data
SSL Monitoring

Never worry about SSL expiration dates again — Checkable will run regular and automated certificate checks and send warnings as soon as one of your SSL certificates is about to expire.

  • SSL Certificate Validity Checks
  • SSL Certificate Expiration Checks

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