Beautiful, extensive status pages

Publish a hosted status page within minutes and allow customers to stay up-to-date by displaying the status of each of your application's components in real-time.

Create Status Page
Beautiful & Customizable

Each status page comes with a clean and professionally looking design. To make a status page match company branding logos & icons can be uploaded and custom HTML code and CSS styling can be injected.

  • Custom Logo Branding
  • Custom HTML Code
  • Custom CSS Styling
White-Label & CNAME

Make your status page available from a custom domain (CNAME) of your choice, such as and completely remove Checkable branding to make your status page blend in perfectly with the rest of your web presence.

CNAME & White-Label
Status Page Subscribers

Allow people to subscribe to status updates right from your status page. Subscribers can choose to receive updates via email, SMS, using an out-of-the-box Slack integration or via webhooks. You retain control at every step of the way and get to decide when and how subscribers get notified.

  • SMS Subscribers
  • Slack Subscribers
  • Webhook Subscribers