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A fast loading page is key to user satisfaction and increasing website visits. See how your performance metrics change over time and optimize your web presence accordingly.

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Don't lose customers over a slow website. Get all the tools you need to measure website and application response times down to milliseconds and use insights for optimization. Performance monitoring intervals can be configured to be as short as 60 seconds.

Response Time Monitoring
Apdex Score

Configure an individual Application Performance target response time for your application and let Checkable provide you with regalur updated Application Performance Index (Apdex) Scores for each of the applications you are monitoring.

Apdex Score
Learn From Historical Data

Use historical application performance and response time data to take measures to improve your website's or application's loading time. Monitoring data is kept for an unlimited time window for premium users.

  • Unlimited Data Retention
  • High Granularity

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