Communicate better using incidents

Server problems never occur at a good time. Be prepared when they do and communicate clearly to clients what your team is working on by using incidents and maintenance events.

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Incident Management Instead of Support Tickets

Create transparency and build customer trust by posting public incidents to your status page and sending notifications to subscribers. The better your customers are informed about potential uptime issues, the less likely they are to send support requests.

Incident Management
Scheduled Maintenance

Schedule maintenance windows for internal and customer-facing use and explicitly specify which parts of your application will be affected in which way and for how long. Post maintenance windows to your status page and inform customers beforehand by sending notifications.

Incident Management
Keep an Incident History

Prevent confusion among customers caused by lack of information by allowing them to see past incidents right on your status page by date and time.

Incident Management
Keep Your Team in Sync

The bigger the team, the easier information gets lost — use Incidents & Maintenance Management to keep your team members updated about ongoing server issues or system inconsistencies.

  • Private Incidents
  • Private Maintenance Windows
  • Incident Notifications
  • Maintenance Notifications

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