Work together efficiently

Invite members of your team to collaborate on setting up your status page, configuring monitors, specifying maintenance windows, updating incidents, and more.

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Delegate Responsibility

From complete control over your Checkable account to incident management and read-only members — invite up to 25 collaborators to your team, create groups and assign them specific roles or permissions.

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Alerts for Teams

Make sure to send alerts to the right people at the right time by connecting your monitors to specific alert contacts in your organization. Both administrators and team members can make their choices on how they can be reached best — whether it's via email, SMS, Slack or webhooks.

  • SMS Alert Contacts
  • Slack Alert Contacts
  • Webhook Alert Contacts
Collaborate With Others

Managing incidents or monitoring settings for more than one product or company? In addition to inviting people to your team, you can also be invited to collaborate with other Checkable users externally.

  • Internal & External Collaborations
  • Unlimited External Memberships
  • Multiple Roles Available

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