Simple, Powerful REST API

Create smart automations related to incident or maintenance events or even feed your monitors and status page with data of your own application — our simple & secure API has got you covered.

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  "incident": {
    "name": "minor outage",
    "components": ["ios_app",

// cURL (Form Encoded):
curl -X POST https://api.che
  -d "incident[name]=minor
  -d "incident[componen

  • Scalable & Secure

    From a few incidents per month to hundreds per day — our scalable REST API has got you covered at any stage.

  • Lightning Fast

    Looking back at many years of running scalable APIs, Checkable comes with the latest and greatest in API technology.

  • Well Documented

    A clean and easily understandable API documentation will get you started using the API in just minutes.

  • Included In your Plan

    Using the Checkable REST API does not come at any extra cost on top of your existing subscription plan.

A Single API for Monitoring & Status Pages

Integrating with the API will not only allow you to automate recurring tasks, using our REST interface will also open up countless ways of easing the burden on your team and letting critical information flow seamlessly between your company and your customers.

  • Status Page
  • Update Configuration
  • Create Subscriber
  • Update Subscriber
  • Delete Subscriber
  • Incidents
  • Create Incident
  • Update Incident
  • Delete Incident
  • Maintenance
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Update Maintenance
  • Delete Maintenance
  • Components & Monitors
  • Create Component
  • Update Component
  • Delete Component
  • Update Monitor
  • Update Monitor Status
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